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You only have one Wedding Day.  One day to wear The Dress.  One magical kiss at the altar.  One First Dance. One day to celebrate with your family and closest friends all in one place....and your wedding photographer gets ONE CHANCE to capture it all.

I started my career in Orange County 19 years ago but, over the years, my family has moved around, so I have several “home bases” to shoot weddings from. The only thing I love more than shooting weddings is exploring our world and when I can do both, THAT’S really exciting for me.  

I have photographed over 500 weddings across the US and 6 countries.  I LOVE doing it, and I'm pretty darn good at it.  My passion for capturing weddings creates honest images that you will treasure for a lifetime.  Authenticity is the secret: mine encourages yours. 

I know I only get one chance to capture your day: I've got this. 


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